Yucky Worms

February 2, 2011

Yucky Worms

By Vivian French

Illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg

Candlewick Press, 2010

ISBN #987-0-7636-4446-8

Grades Pre-K – 3

Story with facts

“One day when I was in Grandma’s garden, Grandma dug up a slimy, slither, wiggly worm.

‘Yuck!” I said. “Throw it away!’”

Thank goodness Grandma refused to throw it away. The story goes on to show and tell how worms benefit the garden with its castings and hole digging. The story continues with a sassy worm inset scattered about some of the pages and relates the value of worms, which are really yucky at all. The story ends with the little boy convinced he’s got lots of new friends—worms!

The back matter has worm tips, experiments, and a short index. The soft watercolor is attractive and just right for the book’s feel. The text is informative and the book ran a close race for the Cybils NFPB finalist list. It’s a fun read with lots of good information and one that kids will enjoy.


Get a worm using the methods described in the book or at a bait store. Moisten a paper towel and lay the worm out. Take care not to harm the worm. Use a magnifying glass to identify the parts discussed in the book. When you finish, put the worm in your own garden.

All About Earthworms has a fun site to explore.

Learn new vocabulary here.

National Science Standard: organisms and their environment.

Book provided by publisher for Cybils consideration.


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