The Sun

July 1, 2010

The Sun

By Laura Hamilton Waxman

Lerner, 2010

Early Bird Astronomy series


Ages 7-10

“It’s a warm summer day. The sky is clear and blue. The Sun shines up above. It looks like a big, glowing ball. It lights up our days. It keeps our planet warm.”

In six chapters, this comprehensive book about the sun for young readers provides fascinating facts and up to date information about the sun and its influence on our Earth. The first page begins with words to look for, challenging the students to be a word detective and a hint to check the glossary. From stars to seasons to gravity-causing orbits, it explains the basic facts of beginning astronomy using short sentences but providing great detail but with simple language.

The final two chapters provide specifics about sun anatomy, early explorers, and the future of sun study. Waxman’s talent is evident in the depth and organization of the information that moves along in a narrative, readable style. The book includes a table of contents, glossary, index, and hints for parents.

The book is one in a series of Early Bird Astronomy books that includes the planets, our solar system, and galaxy. As a former science teacher whose first unit ever taught was the solar system, I’d love to have had this book.


Look up the Earth and its layers and then list physical characteristics of our planet. Create a chart comparing the physical features and organization of the Earth with those of the sun. Write a paragraph discussing what you learned.

This organizer can help set up the comparisons.

National Science Standard: the Earth in the solar system

Book provided by publisher

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