April 4, 2012


The World’s Largest Rodent

By Natalie Lunis

Bearport Publishing, 2010

More Supersized! Series

ISBN # 978-1936087310

Nonfiction picture book

Grades K-3

“The capybara is the biggest rodent in the world. A capybara is the size of a large dog.”

Capybara is about the large mammal in the rodent family, which includes beavers, porcupines, and maras of Argentina. This social animal lives in groups and lookouts call a warning. They swim well and use this adaptation to hide from predators like jaguars and caimans.

The photographs in the book provide a fascinating, up-close look at this giant rodent. They illustrate each section well and are clearly labeled. The back matter includes more information about large rodents, a picture glossary, an index, a read more section, and an online site at Bearport.

This is a fun and readable book. It sort of makes me want to see one in the wild—they’re kind of cute. Take a look at Capybaras. Kids are sure to enjoy it.  The book is a 2010 NSTA recommended book.

Activity 1

Look up the characteristics of a rodent. Make a picture chart to show the common characteristics rodents share. Then write about what you’ve learned.

Activity 2

Make a list of the adaptations that capybaras have that allow them so live successfully in South America.

Bearport’s site has links to the San Diego Zoo site,  the Smithsonian national zoo site, and a picture to color at Enchanted Learning.

National Science Standards: growth and development of organisms; social interactions and group behavior

Book provided by Bearport Publishing


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