Rain Forest Life

May 30, 2012

Rain Forest Life

By Janine Scott

Pebble Plus, Capstone, 2012

Habitats Around the World

ISBN # 9781429668156

Grades PreK-2

Nonfiction PB (24 pages) 

“Tropical rain forests are hot, steamy places. It rains nearly every day. These areas of thick trees and plants are home to millions of animal species.”

This book for early readers explains the basics of this fascinating biome. The correct terms for the layers are used and shown in the image opposite the text. Each layer’s page of information includes the plants and animals living in it and the page opposite shows an illustration of an animal there. The pictures are labeled where needed, a useful help for identifying specific animals. The final spread wraps up the information and asks the reader to imagine the new life to be found.

I like the simple, accurate explanation the book provides. The wording is clear without talking down to the reader and makes an interesting book full large, up-close photographs. The back matter includes some fun facts with photos, a glossary, read more section, an index, and the Capstone facthound site.

This would be a great book to read to a group to introduce biomes and habitats or simply for a good nonfiction read. It supplies many features for the Common Core reading standards and has lovely writing. It would be a good choice for libraries and schools.

Activity 1

Identify the layers of the rain forest from top to bottom or in the reverse order. Then use a large sheet of paper or butcher paper and set it longwise. Draw a rainforest (adults might have to help get the art big enough to fill the page. Label the layers and draw or find and cut out pictures of animals and add them to the appropriate layers to fill your rainforest.

Activity 2

Research a favorite animal that lives in the rainforest. Write down 10 interesting facts about the animal. Be sure to include the part of the rainforest where they live. Then arrange the facts in order and write a report about that animal. Include a picture, too!

Enchanted Learning has more information and lots of animals, including pictures.

The San Diego Zoo has great information.

This site has information about rainforests and animals.

National Science Standard: interdependent relationships in ecosystems

Book provided by Capstone


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