Faces of the Moon

August 26, 2009


Faces of the Moon

By Bob Crelin

Illustrated by Leslie Evans

Moon phase die-cut design by Bob Crelin

Charlesbridge, 2009

ISBN #978-1-57091-785-1

NF picture book


Do you wonder, when you see the Moon,

at dusk, or dawn, or middy noon,

just why her face is curved, or round,

or why she sometimes can’t be found?


The phases of the moon are illustrated in a gentle, poetic rhyming text opposite the linoleum block print and bold watercolor illustrations in this book about the changing moon shapes. Tabs marked with each moon phase take the reader to that phase and die cuts show the waxing (increasing in size) and waning of the moon’s shape. Each phase has a sentence telling when the moon rises and sets. Additional author information about the moon follows the main text and the back matter also contains “a fun way to remember Moon facts.”

This book provides excellent, basic information about the moon and its changes and would be a quiet introduction to the moon’s phases in an elementary classroom. It would also be a wonderful reader’s theater choice. The Charlesbridge site has more information.


Model the phases of the moon.

Learn more about Bob Crelin.

Faces of the Moon is included on Booklist’s top science books, along with others I’ve loved and blogged on. See the complete list.

Another moon book: Footprints on the Moon by Alexandra Siy

 National Science Standard: objects in the sky; changes in the sky

Book provided by author Bob Crelin.


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