Gravity All Around

March 30, 2011

Gravity All Around

By David Conrad

Capstone Press (Pebble Plus), 2011

ISBN # 9781429666060


Grades PreK-2

“It makes a dropped glass fall to the floor. It keeps bouncing balls from flying off into space. It’s a force called gravity.”

This book introduces early readers to a difficult concept–gravity. Short, snappy sentences explain, illustrate, and provide a brief history of gravity’s discovery using a controlled vocabulary. Its deceptively simple words explain the concept well at this level and make an appealing book for boys and girls alike. Clever photos support the text and provide scaffolding for the reader.

Physical science isn’t always a favorite topic, but this book makes it real and interesting. It would be an excellent way for the early grades to introduce physical science and the art and final activity will appeal to everyone.


Do one of the gravity experiments listed below. Write about the experiment using the scientific method. Explain the results and conclusion of your experiment.

Use this scientific method worksheet for your experiment.

Try these gravity experiments.

This site has lots of links about gravity.

Here’s a fun site for older kids (8+).

Another book I just wrote will be out at the end of this year. It provides a good description of gravity. The title is Forces and Motion at Work and is being published by Rourke Publishers in the Let’s Explore Science series.

National Science Standard: understanding about scientific inquiry; position and motion of objects

Book provided by publisher.


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