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March 2, 2011

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About Habitats

By Cathryn Sill

Illustrated by John Sill

ISBN# 978-1-56145-559-1

Nonfiction picture book

Grades 1-4

I’m so excited about this new Peachtree book because I was asked to write a teacher’s guide for the series About Habitats. I finished it and sent it in, so look for it soon on Peachtree’s website. I’ll add a link from my webpage, too! It’s written to be used with any of the About Habitats books or with them all at one time. Check out the other eight Peachtree guides I’ve written, too.

“Grasslands are large open places where most of the plants are grasses. The grasses may be short, tall, or mixed.”

Grasslands is one in a series of books about habitats, their life, and their ecology. Clear, distinctive text narrates the facts about the habitat, its distinguishing characteristics, and the plant and animal life there. This book shows the relationships of the plants and animals and their adaptations and defenses that suit them to this particular habitat.

The Sills’ love of science is evident in the text and lovely, full-paged art that adds detail to the information. The front matter shows a world map of major grasslands, a very nice addition to the book, and back matter includes additional information about the art plates, a glossary, bibliography, and websites. Many other books in the About… series relate to individual animals.


Use a graphic organizer to list all the different grassland habitats in a large group discussion. Then fill in the animals and plants in each one. Using the organizer, write about grasslands as a habitat.

Web cluster graphic organizer

Learn more about grasslands at National Geographic.

National Science Standard: organisms in their environment

Book provided by Peachtree for me to write the series teacher’s guide.


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