2011 December Roundup

December 7, 2011

No Bows!

 By Shirley Smith Duke

Illustrated by Jenny Mattheson      

ISBN #1561453560

Peachtree Publishers, 2006

picture book

ages 2-6

I wrote this book in 2001 while taking Anastasia Suen’s picture book class. I was scared to read the manuscript, so she did. She said it would be a book, and she was right! There’s nothing like having your first book published. I’ve moved more toward nonfiction now because of my love for science, but I’m still working on picture books, too.

December is a special month to me because my anniversary, birthday, and Christmas fall within one week. Couldn’t help the birthday and love made me move the anniversary date forward to make it a fun-filled week.

So to celebebrate my favorite month and the start of my third year of blogging, I’m revisiting my first post–NO BOWS!–and finishing 2011 with my latest  nonfiction from Rourke. I was new to blogging and I’ve found my focus by now. But I’d like to show off my first book and blog. It makes a great gift for children and celebrates their spirit and emerging personalities.

No Bows! is a 50 word picture book about a determined child who has her own likes and dislikes, but at the end of the day, she and her parents agree on two things. The book was based on my niece, who had her own ideas about many things, and my son who hated shirts with collars and blue jeans as a child.

Read the book, then go back  go back and follow the actions of the lizard. Look for places the illustrator incorporated more lizard antics and themes.

To include a science based activity, identify the categories in each pair of choices. Have the students add their own like and dislikes to their chart. Identify other things in the classroom that can be grouped and practice grouping by writing them in a variety of categories. This activity helps children understand grouping and classifying.

The national science standard: understanding systems, order, and organisms.

Go to www.shirleysmithduke.com or www.peachtree-online to see the teacher guide for No Bows! (that I wrote). I also have a pictograph activity and coloring page on my website. Click on the books tab and click on No Bows!


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