September 1, 2010


by Shirley Duke

Night Fall series

Darby Creek–Lerner, 2010

ISBN #978-0761361428

Ages 11-18

young adult


This isn’t my blog’s focus in any way, but this IS my latest book. It arrived last week and I had to say something. It’s been an experience to write something so different from my first one. No Bows! is a picture book for toddlers and Unthinkable is for teens. Quite a different audience!

It’s  a high interest horror novel  and is Volune I in the Night Fall series Darby Creek has done. I love the cover and have had some laughs and raised eyebrows because I dedicated it to my mother and dad–a horror novel? Yes, you never know when the next book is coming and Mama was my first librarian and is a big part of why I love to read. So why not? She was pleased.

Omar, s star writer for his school at Bridgewater High, begins having troubling visions. He meets a Goth girl, Sophie Minax, but the visions continue to grow worse, and soon they begin coming true. Omar eventually learns that the visions can be stopped–and only he can stop them. But he’ll have to do the unthinkable.

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All the books in this series are available in library binding or paperback.


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