Clot & Scab

September 9, 2009


Clot & Scab   

Gross Stuff About Your Scrapes, Bumps, and Bruises

By Kristi Lew

Illustrated by Michael Slack

Millbrook Press, 2010

NF Grades 3-5

Gross Body Science Series

ISBN #978-0-8225-8965-5


Have you ever fallen off your bike and dragged some poor body part along the pavement? YOW! Not only does it hurt like crazy, it looks nasty too. But don’t worry. While you made hamburger out of your knee or elbow, your body got busy repairing the damage.


The kid-friendly cover, the mix of art and photos, and the chatty, casual tone of this book belie the fact-filled information about blood and its role in the body in Clot & Scab. After an introduction with a scraping wound, blood facts fill the pages in short, readable sections with headers and it is interspersed with additional facts and humorous art which moves the information forward to related blood and body information in a natural order. Details of the information are supported by the photos and colored text lines highlight the fun parts.

From gross-out facts about vampire bats and leeches to the basics of blood cells and blood types, this book covers all things blood related and the explains the details of a complex subject in a way in which children this age will understand and enjoy. The complicated exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide by the blood in the capillaries of the alveoli was defined simply as a “trade,” a good way to reach readers of this age. The humorous, slightly snarky tone of the text is entertaining enough to hold the readers’ interest without becoming sarcastic, yet allows the reader to be in on the joke with the silly comments. Some of the pictures were disgustingly detailed and will be certain to provide lots of passing around of the book.

Serious information presented in a humorous way is done well in this book. The text held my interest to the end, so older kids might enjoy the facts, too. A glossary, bibliography, suggestion for further reading, and an index complete this 46 page book, one of five in the Gross Body Science series.

Activity 1

Trace the path of blood flow from veins through the heart and back out to the arteries. This site will help you determine the order.

Check out your knowledge of blood flow through the heart with this test.

Activity 2 (for the older readers)

Learn more about blood types here and then play a blood typing game. This link worked part of the time for me. If you can get it working, it’s a great game.

Further research activity

Look up some of the various blood disorders to learn more about blood. This site provides a starting point.

National Science Standard: characteristics of organisms, structure and function in living systems

Take a look at Amanda’s review at A Patchwork of Books.


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