Life-Size Aquarium

December 8, 2010

Life-Size Aquarium

By Teruyuki Komiya

Seven Footer Press, 2010

ISBN #978-1934734-54-9

Ages 4-8


“Amazing! This looks like a piece of floating seaweed, but it is actually a fish related to the seahorse. How do you think the way she looks helps her to protect herself?”

Maybe the fact that I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium this past September and fell in love with the leafy sea dragons there made me love this book even more, for it begins with the sea weedy fish on the first page. I even bought a leafy sea dragon keychain to add to my Christmas tree decorations.

The first spread is a detailed map of the aquarium along the lines of the first two books in this series, Life-Size Zoo and More Life-Size Zoo. From the leafy sea dragon, adorable penguins, the dugong, and orca, to the sea otter, clownfish, and jellyfish, the book will please its audience and show readers in great detail the actual sized-images of the life found in the Tokyo aquarium.

The photography is exquisite. Look at the glistening drops of water on the otter’s fur. Then read the short text giving informative blurbs about that animal. The familiar strip along the side or bottom of the spread adds general information and details about the animal shown.

Back matter on the end pages had size and location of each of the animals listed. The fun of this book, besides the fold-out pages on the big animals, is comparing our familiar animals to the Japanese representatives in the book. This new book with its familiar style makes a fun read every time.

Activity 1

Choose an animal from the book that isn’t a common one in the U.S. Look up information about that animal to learn more. Then draw your chosen animal and create labels to show its parts.

Monterey Bay aquarium

Aquariums in Japan

Another aquarium in Japan

See fish diagrams here.

Activity 2 (older kids)

Look up information about Glofish. Find out what makes them special.

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National Science Standard: organisms in their environment

Book provided by publisher.


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