Infinity and Me

Infinity and Me

by Kate Hosford

Illusgtrated by Gabi Swiatkowska

Carolrhoda Books (Lerner), 2012

ISBN #978-0761367260

Ages 5 and up

“How many stars were in the sky? A million? A billion? Maybe the number was as big as infinity. I started to feel very small. How could I even think about something as big as infinity?

Uma loves her new red shoes, but she can’t help wondering how big infinity really is. Using comparisons with familiar objects, she gets an idea about how big it really is. This beautifully illustrated picture book is a terrific way to introduce young children to the indefinite concept of infinity. The text flows smoothly and does an excellent job of explaining an abstract concept. In the end, Uma gets an up-close idea of how big infinity really is.

This book fits a wide range of ages and would appeal to listeners and readers alike. It could trigger a fascinating discussion in class and is a good way to introduce a Common Core lesson in any classroom. Try this one. It belongs in every school library!


Use a strand of cooked spaghetti for this activity. After it has cooled, stretch the spaghetti strand out. Measure it and then cut it in half. Measure the halves in standard and metric units. Continue cutting the half in half until you are unable to cut it further. Then talk about how it might be possible to cut it even down to a size you can’t see any more.

CCSS.Math.Content.2.MD.A.2 Measure the length of an object twice, using length units of different lengths for the two measurements; describe how the two measurements relate to the size of the unit chosen.

Book provided by Blue Slip Media.

*This will be my last post for SimplyScience. I’m shuttering the blog because my writing career is getting so busy–that’s a good thing. Thank you to everyone who has read and shared my work. I’ll be leaving the archives up and who knows? Perhaps I’ll return in a year or so. Thanks to all of you!


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8 Responses to Infinity and Me

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  2. Gonna miss you! good luck with your projects and definitely keep in touch & let me know when your books come out.

  3. Thanks for this recommendation. It sounds like a great addition for a curriculum library.
    I, too would like to wish you well with your upcoming projects. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs/
    Thank you.
    Apples with Many Seeds

    • Shirley Duke says:

      Thank you for writing, Tammy. I appreciate your interest and comments on the blog. I may return, one of these days. It’s good to be busy writing, however. Thanks again.

  4. Shirley, You will be missed! But that’s great that your writing is keeping you so busy. Best wishes to you and I hope our paths cross in the writing and/or blogging world again soon.

  5. Roberta says:


    Sorry to hear that you are not going to be joining us with your blog posts any longer, but am very glad to hear it is because you are doing your own writing.

    I think all of us struggle with whether blogging about children’s books is the best use of our time, yet it is through our blogs that I got to know you.

    Good luck with your upcoming projects and be sure to let us know when your new books come out!

    • Shirley Duke says:

      Thank you for writing, Roberta. I’m so glad I met you this way. I hope I get to stay on the Cybils for this year. I did blog most of the year. I’ll keep you posted on my new stuff. I’m doing a book now for librarians and just got word on a series proposal I sent in that I’ll be writing it. Great news all around. Thank you for your best wishes.

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