How Do You Know It’s SUMMER?

How Do You Know It’s Summer?

By Ruth Owen

Bearport, 2012

Signs of the Seasons Series

ISBN #978-1-61772-399-5

Grades PreK-3


“There are four seasons in every year—spring, summer, fall, and winter. Summer is the season when many people have fun at the beach on hot sunny days. Gardens are filled with colorful flowers. Busy insects seem to be everywhere. Look for these and other signs of summer as spring comes to an and each year.”

How Do You Know It’s Summer? begins with an introduction to the time of year encompassing summer. The characteristics that follow summer’s day are introduced from a scientific point of view, with temperatures, hours of sunlight and why, and summer life. While the book is for the lower grades, it has enough great information that older readers can get facts from it as well.

Big, clear photos are enhanced by information-filled captions or labels identifying the subject. The book ends with the starting date of fall and then provides a suggested activity for summertime or any time of the year. A picture vocabulary, index, read more section, and an online site form the back matter.

This is a fun book that points out both the obvious and not so obvious indicators of this fun-filled season for kids. It’s a good read and a great jumping-off point for the end of the school year activities.


Choose a plant or animal discussed in the book. Use a graphic organizer to illustrate its life cycle.

See graphic organizers for life cycle here and here.

Here’s a fun interactive plant growing site.

This website has plants and animal information.

This site has some good information about a number of different animals and their life cycles.

This is a good site with animal life cycle for young readers.

Bearport has a crossword puzzle and activities at their website.

National Science Standard: growth and development of organisms

Book provided by publisher.

4 Responses to How Do You Know It’s SUMMER?

  1. Myra GB says:

    Oh I always love how you include very detailed activities that teachers can do inside the classroom. Nice! Sounds like an interesting book.

  2. Perogyo says:

    What a perfect book for this time of year. Thanks, as always, for providing supplemental information.

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