HUMAN BODY A Book With Guts!

Human Body

A Book With Guts

By Dan Green

Created by Basher

Kingfisher, 2011

ISBN # Age Range: 10 and up

ISBN: 978-0-7534-6501-1

Grades 5 and up

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“Your body is a most amazing machine. It is armed with toollike hands, propelled by two legs, and governed by a brain capable of independent thought (well, sometimes), speech, and problem solving. Supertough on the outside—think skin, hair, nails–your insides comprise all the delicate organs and impressively sophisticated body systems that keep you in perfect shape.”

Human Body follows Basher’s series style with funny and fun-filled facts about all aspects of the human body in this one. Told in the chatty, irreverent manner with subdivisions that include the main groups of body systems, the book will take middle grade kids on a fact-packed ride through the body. Man, woman, and baby are introduced, followed by body building blocks, and funny, descriptive titles for the body systems that follow, such as Wheezing Windbags and Bloody Busybodies (circulatory and respiratory systems), Food Crew and Trash Gang (digestive) Team Players and System Administrators (lymph, immunity, and glands).

A cartoon image faces the text side of the page and helps illustrate the scientific information. The book includes an index and glossary, plus a poster of the overall picture of the book.

The appeal of this book is that it can be read straight through or read out of order, section by section. It is easy to follow and understand and presents information aimed at the middle grade kids who are being introduced to the body and its functions. This is a fun one and reveals the body processes in more like an action film than a science text.


Choose one body system and list the organs and other parts that make up that system. Look up more quantitative facts for each listed part.

Quantitative facts include facts with numbers.

Trace the movements of what that body system does.

This site has good detailed information about body systems.

This site has more facts about the body systems. It does include the male and female reproductive systems.

National Science Standard: structure and function in living systems

Book provided by publisher

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3 Responses to HUMAN BODY A Book With Guts!

  1. I like the title, that will hook many a kid for this one and then what great content you describe…thanks for the recommendation!

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