Water, Water, Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink

51tpdyP83kL__SL500_AA240_Not a Drop to Drink

By Michael Burgan

National Geographic, 2008

ISBN# 978-1-4263-0360-9

Nonfiction grades 4-7



With more than 70% of the Earth covered by water, it seems that drinkable water would be available worldwide. But it’s not. With the available drinkable water threatened by pollution and overuse, the unequal distribution of water resources makes the search for water for many people a daily struggle.

 This book is one in a series of National Geographic Investigates. Detailed and well-researched, it covers water timelines, scientific studies and new developments, global warming and its effects on the supply, irrigation, and desalinization and the effects these issues have on our world. The text is broken into readable sections with headings, photos, and diagrams. Following a page of “What Lies Ahead” is a glossary, bibliography, and index. The reading level is a bit higher than most of the books I review, but it is well worth the information. It’s a great book for research.

Activity 1

Rates of evaporation experiment: Pour 2 cups of water into a foil pan. Cover it with see-through wrap and set it in a sunny place. For two weeks, measure the amount of water each day and record it in a data table. Plot the data on a line graph.

Adult supervision required! After observing and recording data for the first pan, pour 2 cups of water into another saucepan. Put it on a burner and let it come to a boil. Every 5 minutes, measure the amount of water remaining. Continue until the water is all gone. Make a second data table and plot these results on your line graph in a different color.

Identify the relationship of the evaporation to increased warming and draw your conclusions.

Activity 2

Do these activities and teachers and students can learn more about the water cycle and water vocabulary.

Look at this new water cycle book for the younger children: The Water Cycle by Bobbie Kalman

National Science Standard: Properties of earth materials

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2 Responses to Water, Water, Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink

  1. This sounds like a great book to explain to our children how precious our water supply is and a great conversation starter about how we might make a difference. Thanks for posting!


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